Thought Leadership

ESG Pressures Mount for Companies Globally

ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) is a criterion that is used by socially-conscious investors and shareholders to screen investments and assess a company's impact on the world. That affects how a company will gather and retain funding from investment funds who have a 'socially responsible' investment strategy.

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Health Risks Deserve a Harder Look by Risk Managers

Author’s note: When I posted this article on LinkedIn four months ago there were just 17,300 COVID-19 cases and 360 deaths. Today, in early June, there are 7.2 million cases and over 600,000 deaths. I really wish it hadn't taken a pandemic to get people to focus on health risks as a leading business risk factor.

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Social Media Heightens Reputation Risk and Increases Shareholder Value Impact in Crises

Recent research by Dr Deborah Pretty, Director, Pentland Analytics, undertaken in collaboration with Aon supports the contention that the pervasive use of social media increases the impact for companies of risk events occurring and can have a material impact on shareholder value.

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